BUS and FERRY information in Hurghada / Red Sea

There are several BUS Companpy in Egypt. In Red Sea area,the major Bus companpys are [GoBus], [Upper Egypt Bus], [Super Jet], [High Jet], [Al Aasma (original company's name is in arabic. New company so that all bus is new and clean, so far.)]. GoBus offers you to reserve ticket by internet. But other company still you have to go to the station and buy ticket. All the main bus station for these companys are along the El Nasr street.

Upper Egypt Bus

Along the El Nasr street, El Dahar. 900m north from GoBus station.
Egyptian designed mosaic wall is the sign of the Bus station.

Super Jet Bus

Ticket Office is along the El Nasr street, in the middle of the [UpperEgyptBus station] and [GoBus station], the other side of the street.
There are many Bus ticket office of other bus companies beside the Super Jet Bus. Bus station for all buses in this square is around 50m inside from main street. Behind the "El Gilsaad School".

Al Aasma

Office and bus station is ithe same place as [Super Jet Bus] station. This company is originaly arabic name and ticket is also written in arabic.